Bible Study for 2016

For Ezra had devoted himself to the study and observance of the Law of the Lord, and to teaching its decrees and Laws in Israel. (Ezra 7:10)

Guide to Bible studies

  • Maximum time 45 Minutes including reading and prayers
  • Start with your individual reading before meeting everyone in the group
  • Smaller groups of 10 or less are encouraged
  • Pray before you start
  • Encourage everyone to read the passage
  • The points are just guidelines
  • 2-4 studies per chapter
  • Do not use commentaries in the group
  • Try to avoid preaching
  • Let’s  all aim to say something
  • Always aim to end with a summary of what you have learned together as a group
  • End with a prayer

January  Let’s Rise Up and Build: Nehemiah 1 

  • The Authorship of Nehemiah
  • Why building the walls of Jerusalem?
  • Importance of the walls
  • Nehemiah prayed first
  • Importance of starting all things with prayer

February Nehemiah 2:1-10

  • Nehemiah new that he wanted that wall up
  • Nehemiah assessing the damage of the walls before building
  • Nehemiah acted alone first as a leader
  • Nehemiah taking risk to seek permission to go to Jerusalem
  • Nehemiah convinced the people
  • People took the ownership of Nehemiah’s  vision and burden
  • Faced opposition as a team

March Nehemiah 2: 11-20

  • Nehemiah inspects the walls
  • Good timing
  • Sharing the vision with a few
  • The situation was a reproach to Israel
  • The ruined walls could not protect any of them
  • God’s hand was on him and had given him favour
  • Permission to come and build and rebuild

April Nehemiah 3 

  • Building the wall
  • Motivation
  • Leaders and delegation
  • Good organisation
  • Leadership provide a supportive climate of trust and team work
  • Successful organisations recognize and reward effort

May Nehemiah 4

  • Opposition to the building
  • Praying for the work and workers
  • Created plan to address the problems
  • Nehemiah called for the best out of his workers
  • Reminded them of God’s help and Mission
  • Provided new strategy for victory
  • Furnished new tools for the workers
  • He rallied the people to support each other

June Nehemiah 4 

  • Relied on God
  • Respected the opposition
  • Reinforced his weak points
  • Reassured the people
  • Refused to quit
  • Renewed people’s strength continually

July Nehemiah 5

  • Big projects should not stop charity work
  • Carrying each other’s’ burden
  • Problems and projects seem to go together
  • Keeping promises
  • Devoting to  work

August Nehemiah 6

  • Further opposition, moving ahead despite the odds
  • The devil is a schemer
  • The devil may want to be your friend to attack you
  • The devil can be so frightening
  • Prayer is key
  • Great commitment to great cause
  • God’s hand to seen by all

September Acts 1 

  • Introduction and setting
  • Authorship
  • Why was it written?
  • Jesus Alive
  • The promise of the Holy Spirit
  • Casting lots?
  • Judas’s fate
  • Prayer in choosing leadership

October Acts 2

  • The Holy Spirit and Pentecost
  • Speaking in tongues
  • New Peter addressing the crowd fearless
  • Speaking the promises
  • Importance of the gospel
  • Growth of the church
  • Devoted to prayer
  • Fellowship
  • Meeting everyday
  • Praising God ,with a sincere hearts
  • Evangelism

November Acts 3

  • Works of the Holy Spirit
  • Healing
  • People praising God
  • Opportunity to preach
  • Courage to face problems
  • Fearlessly used God-given authority
  • Solved practical problems
  • Peter’s demonstration gave him a platform and a convincing argument

December Acts 4

  • One person with courage is majority
  • Peter filled with the Holy Spirit before the Sanhedrin
  • Talking boldly about Christ
  • Unstoppables
  • Which is right in God ‘s eyes
  • Raising voice together in prayer
  • Holy Spirit , prayer and the gospel
  • Fellowshipping
  • Sharing
  • Testifying to the resurrection of the Lord.