Charity Work

The church is supporting charitable work both locally and internationally – in Zimbabwe through the RCZ. Donations so far have been dedicated to centres supporting the sick and disabled, such as the Copota School of the visually impaired, Henry Murray School of the deaf and the Morgenster hospital.  We believe in the provision of education to under privileged communities in Zimbabwe and is currently supporting the construction of Murere School in Dzoro, South East Zimbabwe and is also sourcing for support for underprivileged students, so they can have access to education. We have also joined ‘hands’ with RCZ in supporting the numerous initiatives for HIV and AIDS awareness, in particular in rural Zimbabwe.  RCZ-I is making efforts in providing support for the elderly in the UK, with financial donations being mobilised for some local old people support institutions. The church aims to mobilise resources for supporting orphans, disabled people and the needy both locally and internationally.