Mission Statement

    "Go ye therefore and make disciples of all nations...."  Matthew 28:19

We obediently and faithfully witness the Kingdom of God to all nations as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ through
  • Preaching, teaching and living the Word of God through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in holistic and contextual way
  • Promoting and encouraging understanding of the interdependence between man and environment


....Our vision is to be a missional and communal church that witness the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ, bringing transformation to human kind....

We seek to exemplify Jesus Christ’s teaching for the benefit of the church and the public at large. With a history deeply enshrined in collaboration in the evangelical ministry with other denominations and different faith groups, we have and we continue to pursue a closer working relationship with local churches and these have included churches such as the United Reformed Church, Methodist Church to mention but a few.

Core Values

We believe in the Triune God
We believe in the Bible as the Word of God
We believe in Reconciliation
We believe in the Resurrection of Christ
We believe in the Second Coming and Eternal Life
We believe in Love-faith-hope and
We believe in Good Governance.