Couples Ministry

Where you go, I will go, and where you will stay, I will stay.......Ruth 1:16.

Our Objectives

  • we seek to deepen personal faith in the Lord Jesus   
  • to confirm and face couples with God's call to Christian Services and World Evangelism
  • to encourage the presentation of the Biblical truth.
  What we do 
  • We meet for fellowship and we share experiences in Christian marriages
  • We strive to be role models in family life
  • We help and guide young adults in preparation for Christian marriages and
  • We actively participate in  Church activities

Valentine’s Couples retreat 11-12 February 2017, Eastwood Hall, Nottingham

 The program of this highly successful event consisted of the following topics as well as personal quality time, game time and elections of a new executive;

·         Theme: OVERCOMING STORMS IN MARRIAGE by guest speaker - Pastor and Mrs Mapimhidze

·         Topic 1  Challenges of living with chronic conditions, Mr and Mrs Mapomba

·         Topic 2  Managing childcare issues in diaspora, Mr and Mrs Simbanegavi

 Pastor Mapimhidze gave couples valuable advice on overcoming storms in marriage. He said the solution lies in the following four pillars of marriage. A stong boat is needed to survive storms. Marriages should be made of strong material in order to withstand storms.



· Understand intention and emotions behind the exchange of words, we need to be careful with our choice of words. Some utterance end up being a curse on someone.  Words wound and can kill.

  • Communicate is a two way process
  • Develop communication skills
  • Learn to listen, a good communicator should be a good listener
  • Don’t communicate through children or any other third parties
  • Social media can destroy relationships. Have family adequate family time



·         We trust God because he doesn’t change. Be consistent to your partner

·         Partners should trust each other and be able to stand and vouch for one another

·         Trust is earned but honour is given



  • Create time
  • Do not deprive each other as Paul said in the Bible
  • According to the Bible Your body isn’t owned
  • Sex is intimacy



  • Women feel empowered and men disempowered being in the UK
  • We need to be careful money distorts reality and God's order
  • The way u handle your money can destroy your marriage
  • Financial planning and budgeting should be done together

 Pastor Mapimhidze said honour isn’t earned and it should be given to spouses. Honour your spouse with your words.Train your mind to think good about your spouse. Choose your thoughts carefully. Bible says he who loves wife loves himself. By availing time for each other you give honour. Conditioning through regular communication to develop emotional attachment


 Relevant verses: Ecc 4:12, Prov 12:4, Amos 3:3, Num 23:19, Heb 13:4, Phil 4:8, Gen 1:27, Eph 5:28, Prov 5:18, Prov 18:21


Many couples strongly felt their marriages had been given a face lift as a result of the presentations at the conference


 Please find below links to slides for other presentations 

Living with Chronic conditions 

Childcare options in the UK

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