Youth meeting, like the boys and girls, are for the young people within RCZI to get together, interact and get to meet new people. These meetings usually occur over 2 days with food and accommodation organised 2-3 months prior to the event its self.

Our Motto "How can a young man/woman keep his/her way pure?, By guarding it according to they word"

Our Objective as young people is

  • to deepen personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to stimulate Christian young school leavers and professionals to relate their faith daily living within the church
  • make the christian teaching relevant and applicable to all members to the church,
  • to attract other young people towards salvation in Jesus Christ and thereafter strengthen and nourish them with spiritual food within a national and regional basis
  • to confront and face the young professionals with God's call to christian service and World Evangelism.

Brother Kundai preaching at Birmingham