Men's Fellowship

 Who are we?


Men's Fellowship is an arm of the Reformed Church of Zimbabwe International as stated by its constitution.  It gives all RCZI men, old and young, married or single, the opportunity to worship the Lord and to serve their generation by the will of the Lord [Acts 13:36].  We do so through working for ourselves and our families, performing church and charitable activities as well as socialising with fellow believers

Our Objectives

  • Older men are to be sober , grave, temperate, sound in faith, in charity, in patience.....Titus 1:2
  • Encourage young men likewise to be self controlled ..... Titus 1:6

 Previous Conferences

 Slough  11 - 13 March 2016

Theme: You Are My Battle Ax and Sword

“You are my battle-ax and sword,” says the Lord“With you I will shatter nations and destroy many kingdoms.

Slough March 2016


 Leicester - Dec 2015

Theme: Murume/Mukomana weSungano Take Your Position.

Now get up and stand on your feet. I have appeared to you to appoint you as a servant and as a witness of what you have seen and will see of me. Acts 26:16

And we are instructed to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures. We should live in this evil world with wisdom, righteousness, and devotion to God, Titus 2:12


 Portsmouth - July 2015

Theme: Men of Reverence.

Keep my Sabbath days of rest, and show reverence toward my sanctuary. I am the Lord. Leviticus 19:30

12Dear friends, you always followed my instructions when I was with you. And now that I am away, it is even more important. Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear. 13For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.

Philippians 2:12-13


 Luton - March 2015

Theme: I am a Brand New Man!
Put on your new nature, and be renewed as you learn to know your Creator and become like him. Colossians 3


 De Vere Venues, Milton Keynes  - Dec 2014

Theme: Binding the Strong Man.

 But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. Then indeed he may plunder his house. Mark 3:27