Single Ladies Fellowship

Who are we? 

We are spiritually mature Single Christian Women who have fully and joyfully embraced our different situations of singleness. Our group presently consists of single women belonging to RCZI. We are single due to different circumstances in our lives, like being widowed, divorced or never married.


singlescroppedOur Strength

Have no fear, for you will not be ashamed or without hope; you will not be put to shame, for the shame of your earlier days will go out of your memory, and you will no longer keep in mind the sorrows of your widowed days. For your maker is your husband; the Lord of armies is his name; and the Holy One of Israel is He who takes up your cause....Isaiah 54:4-5.

Our Common Objectives

To thrive and survive in a generally marriage orientated culture and pursue a spiritual course that leads us to a greatest devotion to Christ and His cause (1 Corinthians 7)

We thrive to keep ourselves connected by:

  • praying for each other
  • sharing the Word of God
  • encouraging and urging each other to move on
To join hands as Single Women while we walk through ups and downs of this life


Our Belief

As Single Ladies we believe we have more freedom to devote ourselves fully to God and His service and to Our Church (1Cor 7 v 32-35).

Our Activities

  • singles1Retreats - in England or out of the country.  These are get aways for some refreshing GODLY girlie quality time. So far almost twice every year we come together, travel and enjoy the LORD'S presence, the Word of GOD and great fellowship.  We keep encouraging each other to grow in our relationship with the Lord.
  • Birthday treats -We celebrate each other's big day by contributing some money towards making it special and  memorable to everyone of us every year.

  • Physical and financial support - We give each other support in happy times (family celebrations) or during bereavements.

  singles in uniform

As Single Christian Women our mentality is that the time is short and eternity is just ahead (1 Cor 7 v 29).  Our focus is therefore on The Lord and His Kingdom.

We continue to grow from strength to strength.

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